While you still may be cooped up in your house because of the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the nation, the reality is that life will soon get itself back on track just like it used to be.

You’ll return back to work, take your kids back to soccer practice and you’ll need to go get your car detailed to protect it from the harsh summer season.

You’ve felt it before.. parking your car in the blistering heat and coming back hours later to drive home barely able to breathe from the heat while sitting on a hot to the touch black leather seat.

The temperature inside your car can reach up to 145° Fahrenheit, while the exterior can reach up to a staggering 200°F.

Needless to say, automobiles are not perfectly heatproof and can be damaged by the sweltering heat and accompanying summer conditions.

Now you ask yourself.. I thought the winter was the only season to watch out for your car, how can I keep it in good condition in the summer too?

Well first off, park in the shade if you can.

Not only will your car stay cooler, but you can protect it from dangerously powerful summer UV rays that can potentially oxidize the paint on your exterior, causing it to change color, fade, and even become weak and brittle

Live or work somewhere that doesn’t provide you with any shade to safely park your car? In Great Detail’s famous Ceramic Pro Coating provides an ultra protective film that safeguards your car from anything imaginable, including UV rays and extreme heat.

While your exterior is most susceptible to the hot summer sun, the interior can very well take some damage too if not treated properly.

Extreme heat entering the car from the windows and windshield can potentially damage any interior leather and upholstery while also damaging the functionality of your car’s dashboard.

With this it may be wise to invest in some windshield protectors and IGD’s new window tint that will block heat and UV rays at the surface of the window, keeping the interior of your car safe and intact.

Lastly, as you need to stay hydrated in the summer sun, so does your car.

Before going on a long trip or realizing it’s been awhile since getting your automobile checked out, make sure to fill up on all your fluids to ensure your car has what it needs to run efficiently in the summertime.

Summer is a great time for everyone so make sure it’s a fun time for your car too!